Monday, September 27, 2010

15 months old and the start of the 3rd season of waiting

Today Olivia is 15 months old. She is no longer a baby in my eyes. She is heading into being a toddler. She is growing and changing daily. I am holding onto praying believing and hope that we get that phone call by November to come get our girl. I wish she knew what was waiting for her. I wish she knew how much people on the other side of the world love her and long for her. I hope she is happy and developing well. I can't wait to get my arms around her!
We got her referral in early spring (5 days into spring) and were very hopeful that she would arrive in the states in summer. We had a wonderful summer and have now moved into fall. Today was the first 'fall like' day and it made me more hopeful for her to be home. The change of weather means we are getting closer. It is so exciting to see the holiday season coming. It is coming quickly!

So, tonight in honor of waiting through two full seasons, I am going to post some of our spring and summer fun so Olivia will know what we do at home on normal days. Still waiting.....still praying! She is coming home!!!

Annelyn will love to have an Easter egg hunt partner other that Oscar!

Cousin Amber graduated from High School!

We watched the World Cup! GO KOREA! (yes, that is Oscar wearing Olivia's shirt.)

We LOVED every Thursday swim day!

We went to the Chihuly glass exhibit at Cheekwood.

We celebrated Johns' granddaddy's 103rd birthday! (doesn't this picture remind you of the little man on the movie 'UP!')

We got to pick beautiful flowers at Mr. Dean and Mrs. JoAnn's farm! It was hot, but a lot of fun!!!

Two great things about this post....
1. We (hopefully) will never go through a spring, summer or fall without Olivia being home with us.
2. Each day and every thing we did, we thought about Olivia and how things will be once she is home. Every swim Thursday we talked about how fun next summer will be!!!
The comment every single day is "can you see Olivia here doing ____." It doesn't matter what we are doing, we invision her doing it with us.
Yes, I can see her!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Olivia, we can't wait to have you home! We love you!!!!!

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  1. Hang in there mama!! Our girlies will be home soon... It is so hard waiting. But be assured, 15 months is baby! They still depend on you for so much. Ash was 15 months at homecoming.
    Praying for you and yours!